TCM thinks this concept art sucks because the only good Goblin is a dead Goblin. And these are just drawings.

We don’t want you to be yourselves, we want you to free yourselves.

As mighty Dwarves hammer upon steel, so does The Circle Machine forge its craft upon the anvil of FlashPunk.

What is The Circle Machine?


While it is true that you can never explain to someone what The Circle Machine is you can explain what is.

This is where The Circle Machine speaks to the Internet. The Circle Machine has a wide variety of interests often, but not always, related to video games and their development. These interests extend to (but are not limited to) global politics, machine elves, Thai food, Star Wars, and the Singularity. These interests may or may not be relevant to your interests. The indifference of the internet will be met in equal measure by The Circle Machine.

The Circle Machine may present to you its creations from time to time. You are welcome to share your thoughts on them. It is possible The Circle Machine will even respond. It is also possible that hyper intelligent extra terrestrials watch you sleep.